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This is where the Frequently Asked Questions should be — if there were any. Of course I have prepared some for you, as is the custom with any FAQ:

I changed a value in the StyleSheet but I can't see the changes in the transform?
You're probably using the XSLTemplate, which utilize the Application object to cache the documents. To update the Application variables, call your ASP page like this: filename.asp?reloadprocessors=yes (just one single time) and your changes should be visible.
Do you use XMLObject() on this site?
But of course :-) That's why I can do things like linking into the Reference, highlighting the chosen item, or have all the pages reside in one XML file, like this one.
After using .saveXML() my file isn't updated — why?
There are two common reasons for this one to fail — 1: You haven't got Write Access permission to the directory you're trying to save to, or 2: You're not specifying the full path, which usually looks like this: D:\somedirectory\filename.xml. You can get this from the Server.MapPath() built-in ASP function, like this:
	 var xmlFile = "/xmlfiles/yourfile.xml";
	 var oXML = new XMLObject(xmlFile);
	 var fullPath = Server.MapPath(xmlFile);

Please send any questions or comments to xmlobject@greystate.dk.


@19-10-2002 00:45 (v2.8.5)
Separate caching of XML or XSL using bitflags. Bugfix when loading via HTTP and using caching. New optional argument for .appendToRoot(). New property .useXPath.
@25-08-2002 23:36 (v2.8.4)
Added support for ServerXMLHTTP when loading XML from URLs.
@30-04-2002 01:23 (v2.8.3)
Added a new constant: XMLOBJ_DEFAULT_VERSION and a new method: .appendToNode().
@22-03-2002 00:21 (v2.8.2)
Bugfix: Using .setVersion() worked, but would throw an error anyway. Additionally, version 4 PROGIDs were supported, but the "4.0" registered as "Not supported"...
@23-02-2002 02:25 (v2.8.1)
Bugfix: Using .replaceNode() in conjunction with the caching mechanisms threw an error about mixed threading models.
@14-01-2002 00:20 (v2.8)
Fixed some bugs with Version-Dependent ProgIDs, and loading via URLs. Added support for the MSXML4 Parser. Added the constants to the Reference section.
@22-11-2001 01:31 (v2.7)
New function: quickTransformXML, and a new constant: XMLOBJ_NO_ERRORS was added to the interface.
@01-11-2001 00:12 (v2.6)
Implemented .getNodeText().
@31-10-2001 20:35 (v2.6)
Fixed a bug with parameters that wasn't specified in the QueryString being transferred to the stylesheet as "undefined". Now only specified parameters are transferred, which allows for default values in the stylesheet.
@23-10-2001 22:38 (v2.5)
Implemented .removeNode() method.
@23-10-2001 01:42 (v2.5)
Uploaded the website.
@18-10-2001 22:01 (v2.5)
Implemented .saveXML(), .replaceNode() and .appendToRoot() methods. Removed interface description from xmlobject.asp.
@02-10-2001 21:24 (v2.2)
Implemented property .validateOnParse
@26-09-2001 22:16 (v2.1)
Refined handling of cached documents - if another page uses the same file, and sets the XMLOBJ_USE_XSLTEMPLATE flag, the XMLObject will look for a cached version before trying to load a fresh document.
@21-09-2001 00:26 (v2.0)
Reworked logic for the 3rd parameter of constructor to use bitflags. Enables use of XSLTemplate together with XMLOBJ_NO_TRANSFORM.
@18-09-2001 00:19 (v2.0)
Implemented .validate() method.
@16-09-2001 00:25 (v2.0)
Implemented access to .addParameter() and .addObject() in the XSLProcessor.
@15-09-2001 02:21 (v2.0)
Succeeded in implementing the XSLTemplate object INCLUDING parameters from QueryString being transferred to the XSLProcessor!!!
@14-09-2001 02:29 (v1.1)
Pieced the documentation together, which contains XML and XSLT - and they are using this object for showing...
@13-09-2001 20:14 (v1.0)
Moved interface functions inside constructor for better encapsulation.
@30-08-2001 22:45 (v1.0)
Fixed the seemingly incredibly buggy .xml + .xsl properties, as they hadn't really been implemented -:)
@29-08-2001 01:04 (v0.1)
Implemented the loading methods .loadXMLdoc() + .loadXSLdoc()
@28-08-2001 00:05 (v0.1)
First successful tests. Lots of minor bugtracking & -fixing.
@26-08-2001 20:44 (v0.1)
Project started. Interface layout. Coding.
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