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The ZIP file has a total of four files: xmlobject.asp, xmlobj_constants.asp and xmlobj_resources.asp and the ever-present readme.txt.

All you need to do is to extract the .asp files to a directory in you website (ie. /include) and you're ready to use it. Read the .reference() section for the raw info, and the .examples() section for hints on getting started.

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@19-10-2002 00:45 (v2.8.5)
Separate caching of XML or XSL using bitflags. Bugfix when loading via HTTP and using caching. New optional argument for .appendToRoot(). New property .useXPath.
@25-08-2002 23:36 (v2.8.4)
Added support for ServerXMLHTTP when loading XML from URLs.
@30-04-2002 01:23 (v2.8.3)
Added a new constant: XMLOBJ_DEFAULT_VERSION and a new method: .appendToNode().
@22-03-2002 00:21 (v2.8.2)
Bugfix: Using .setVersion() worked, but would throw an error anyway. Additionally, version 4 PROGIDs were supported, but the "4.0" registered as "Not supported"...
@23-02-2002 02:25 (v2.8.1)
Bugfix: Using .replaceNode() in conjunction with the caching mechanisms threw an error about mixed threading models.
@14-01-2002 00:20 (v2.8)
Fixed some bugs with Version-Dependent ProgIDs, and loading via URLs. Added support for the MSXML4 Parser. Added the constants to the Reference section.
@22-11-2001 01:31 (v2.7)
New function: quickTransformXML, and a new constant: XMLOBJ_NO_ERRORS was added to the interface.
@01-11-2001 00:12 (v2.6)
Implemented .getNodeText().
@31-10-2001 20:35 (v2.6)
Fixed a bug with parameters that wasn't specified in the QueryString being transferred to the stylesheet as "undefined". Now only specified parameters are transferred, which allows for default values in the stylesheet.
@23-10-2001 22:38 (v2.5)
Implemented .removeNode() method.
@23-10-2001 01:42 (v2.5)
Uploaded the website.
@18-10-2001 22:01 (v2.5)
Implemented .saveXML(), .replaceNode() and .appendToRoot() methods. Removed interface description from xmlobject.asp.
@02-10-2001 21:24 (v2.2)
Implemented property .validateOnParse
@26-09-2001 22:16 (v2.1)
Refined handling of cached documents - if another page uses the same file, and sets the XMLOBJ_USE_XSLTEMPLATE flag, the XMLObject will look for a cached version before trying to load a fresh document.
@21-09-2001 00:26 (v2.0)
Reworked logic for the 3rd parameter of constructor to use bitflags. Enables use of XSLTemplate together with XMLOBJ_NO_TRANSFORM.
@18-09-2001 00:19 (v2.0)
Implemented .validate() method.
@16-09-2001 00:25 (v2.0)
Implemented access to .addParameter() and .addObject() in the XSLProcessor.
@15-09-2001 02:21 (v2.0)
Succeeded in implementing the XSLTemplate object INCLUDING parameters from QueryString being transferred to the XSLProcessor!!!
@14-09-2001 02:29 (v1.1)
Pieced the documentation together, which contains XML and XSLT - and they are using this object for showing...
@13-09-2001 20:14 (v1.0)
Moved interface functions inside constructor for better encapsulation.
@30-08-2001 22:45 (v1.0)
Fixed the seemingly incredibly buggy .xml + .xsl properties, as they hadn't really been implemented -:)
@29-08-2001 01:04 (v0.1)
Implemented the loading methods .loadXMLdoc() + .loadXSLdoc()
@28-08-2001 00:05 (v0.1)
First successful tests. Lots of minor bugtracking & -fixing.
@26-08-2001 20:44 (v0.1)
Project started. Interface layout. Coding.
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